My favourite childhood memory.

My favourite memory was when I was playing my first basketball tournament for North Otago and. It was July the 14th, the day after my birthday. The tournament went from July 12th to July 14th, so I had to play on my birthday, July 13th. On that day we played 3 full games, one in the morning, one after lunch and one at 8:30pm. Anyway, back to July 14th, We had just lost the 3rd-4th playoff game and it was prize giving and every team was out on the main court, lined up. They were announcing the best players from each team, chosen by the coaches. It was our teams turn and said,”From the North Otago penguins, Henry Spite!” I was so surprised because I didn’t think I would win it! I went to the announcer, shake her hand and took the certificate. I also got a Network Waitaki bag with bags of lollies in it. I was so happy!

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