Perseverance means to keep trying for something even though it might be hard. One time I persevered was when we were playing Alexandra in a basketball tournament and I got hit hard in the nose and my nose started to bleed quite a lot. I got subbed off and tryed to stop it bleeding. A couple of minutes later, I got a bit of tissue stuffed up my nose and went back on. As soon as I got on, I got fouled and went to the free throw line for 2 shots. I made the first one and it felt good. That one must have gave me the confidence to make the second. My nose stopped bleeding and I ended up finishing the game. We lost but I felt like I persevered.

By Henry

3 thoughts on “Perseverance”

  1. You definitely persevered Henry – well done. It would have been really easy to just give up in that situation. You must have felt good about yourself, despite the loss.

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